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Nature Based Solutions Success Stories Conference

Thursday, Nov. 10, 2022, 9 am – 1:30 pm
A Free Online Event

How do we get to safe, clean water? Are creek restoration projects improving water quality? Join us to explore nature-based solutions based in nature.

Honorary Event Chair: Senator Henry Stern

Watershed Coordinator: Melina Watts, North Santa Monica Bay Watershed

Project Sponsors: California Watershed Network, Council for Watershed Health

Free Registration!

For more information, contact Melina Watts at

Nature Based Solutions Success Stories Conference

Draft Agenda

9:00 Introduction by Melina Watts, Watershed Coordinator

Welcome by Senator Henry Stern

9:10 20 Years of Water Quality Testing: The Santa Barbara Creeks Division Success Story, Dr. Jill Murray, Water Quality Research Coordinator, Santa Barbara Creeks Division

9:40 Creating and Growing the Santa Barbara Creeks Division: How Did It Happen? Cameron Benson, Founder, Santa Barbara Creeks Division

10:00 Before and After: Water Quality Impacts of Restoration in Santa Cruz, Kellyx Nelson, Executive Director, Santa Cruz Resource Conservation District

10:20 The Little Lost Creeks of L.A. – a Hydrological History, Jessica Hall, Wildling Design

10:50 Break

11:00 Biodiversity and Water Quality: Putting the Nature in Nature Based Solutions, Dr. John Randall, The Nature Conservancy

11: 15 Urban Stream Restoration: Where Can Nature Go in the City? Dr. Ann Riley, Co-Director The California Urban Streams Partnership

11:45 The Role of the Hyporheic Zone, or the "Liver of the River," in Water Quality, Dr. Erica Gies, Journalist

12:15 Riparian Habitat Restoration: Arundo Donax Removal, Jason Casanova, Council for Watershed Health

12:30 The Yurok Tribe and the Personhood of the Klamath River
(Looking to connect with the Yurok Tribe and make a formal invitation)

1:00 The Soul of Water, Nadine Salas, Latinx / First Nations Poet

1:15 First Annual North Santa Monica Bay Watershed Prize, Selected by the North Santa Monica Bay Watershed Area Steering Committee; Prize Awarded by Chair Dave Pedersen, Las Virgenes Municipal Water District

1:25 The Ending is the Beginning: Invitation to Upcoming Tours, Melina Watts

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