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California Watershed Network (CWN) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in 2000, with the mission to help people protect and restore the natural environments of California’s watersheds while ensuring healthy and sustainable communities. CWN works to develop a coordinated network of community-based watershed management in California. CWN is run by a dedicated, volunteer Board of Directors. The primary goals of CWN include working to:

  • enhance involvement in watershed management at the local, regional and State levels
  • improve the effectiveness of watershed groups by collaborative communications, shared learning, and public policy
  • enhance coordination between government agencies, public stakeholders and local watershed groups in developing watershed initiatives and programs at the State level
  • promote the use of science for water and watershed management
  • promote conservation education

CWN’s volunteer Board of Directors has been working hard for local watershed groups and enhancing watershed stewardship activities in California. Since 2000, our organization has been active in the following areas:

Legislative Activities

  • Drafted and sponsored Assembly Bill (AB) 2690, to allow volunteers to participate in watershed restoration activities that use state funds
  • Worked with legislators to draft and review legislation and bonds that benefit California’s watersheds
  • Host an Annual “Watershed Education Day for Legislators” at the State Capitol to inform elected officials about needs for maintaining healthy watersheds

Information Exchange / Support to Local Watershed Groups

  • Host Statewide Watershed Forums to encourage legislators, agency representatives, and local watershed advocates to work better together and develop an action plan for watershed management in California
  • Manage the California Watershed Listserv (1600+ subscribers)
  • Distribute “Watershed E-News,” a bi-weekly electronic newsletter that provide information on grants, upcoming, events, resources, and news regarding watershed management
  • Provide action alerts for watershed groups on statewide policy, funding, and legislation
  • Serve as voice for local watershed groups in statewide and regional government agency meetings

May Watershed Awareness Month

  • Designated May 2005 as “Watershed Awareness Month” through Governor’s Proclamation
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