Watershed Forums

CWN hosts a biannual Statewide Watershed Forum. The forums bring together hundreds of local community groups, agency representatives, and other watershed advocates to discuss and develop strategies to improve watershed management in California. [More...]

May Watershed Awareness Month

CWN launched California’s first annual Watershed Awareness Month in May 2005. This awareness campaign was supported by Governor Schwarzenegger through a proclamation. Throughout the month of May, volunteer community organizations, educators, and other groups are encouraged to promote the importance of watersheds at the grassroots and community levels by organizing and conducting watershed awareness activities. CWN developed a special calendar of events to promote all of the activities planned for May Watershed Awareness Month. [More...]

Watershed Education Day for Legislators

Since 2002, CWN has hosted an annual Watershed Education Day for Legislators. This event provides an opportunity for community-based watershed programs and groups to showcase their work to California legislators! CWN uses this event to increase the awareness of the importance of local watershed management to our elected officials. [More...]

Watershed Highlight of the Month

California Watershed Network announces a new program to identify and promote pioneering efforts in watershed management. Each month, the program will highlight original and effective approaches to watershed work throughout the state. Each month, a watershed steward, organization, or project will be featured on our website, Watershed E-News, and media releases. [More...]

Watersheds and Integrated Regional Water Management Program (IRWMP)

California Watershed Network hosted a roundtable discussion on March 20, 2007, to begin a discussion on how watershed principles can be better integrated into the IRWMP. View some of the materials presented by the roundtable participants. [More...]

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