4th Annual Watershed Education Legislative Day
April 5-6, 2005

Sponsored by the California Watershed Network , Cal Coast , the Southern California Wetlands Recovery Project and others, this event is planned to be our best yet!

Please save these dates - the annual Capitol Symposium/Legislator's Education Day, organized by the California Watershed Network, Cal Coast, the Southern California Wetlands Recovery Project, and other groups, will be held this year on April 5 and 6 in Sacramento. There will be an afternoon session on April 5 to hear from legislative staff discussing the pressing issues of the day with state agency representatives and lobbyists. A reception for legislators will be held that evening and the following day will be spent educating legislators and staff after a brief continental breakfast. The event will conclude with our traditional de-briefing and networking session at a local watering hole. There is a lot to discuss this year and we will be sending out more information as the event nears, but please save these dates and join us in Sacramento for this opportunity to pass along our messages that are important to California's watersheds, wetlands and beaches.

This is a perfect time for you to connect with your legislators and let them know about the great work that you’re doing in your communities! This face-to-face contact is a very important step in building legislator awareness of what your group is doing, as well as the breadth of activities throughout the State.

The 2005 session is in full swing and we encourage all groups to call and arrange appointments to meet with their legislators and/or staff on April 6th. We suggest that you develop information packets about your activities to present to legislators during your meetings.

Legislator's Education Day is your opportunity to participate in grass-roots democracy. Legislators usually welcome the chance to talk to constituents, and our groups have a natural "authority" or basis to represent a wide range and variety of interests. It's a great chance to meet with our elected representatives on their turf, let them know your concerns, and keep the visibility and credibility of our organizations on the front burner.

Don't miss this chance to meet with your legislators during Legislator's Education Day at the California Legislature. It's a fantastic way to support the work of community groups throughout the state.

Please mark April 5th and 6th on your calendar! We hear that Sacramento is very busy this year, so consider booking overnight accommodations now. Feel free to call or email us if you have questions or would like to assist or help sponsor this event. More information will be forthcoming soon. We look forward to seeing you in Sacramento!

For more information, contact Michael Wellborn at michael@watershednetwork.org or Steve Aceti at steveaceti@calcoast.org

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