2012 Watershed Day At The Capitol, March 21, 2012

Tips for Meeting With Your Legislators

Arranging the Meeting

Go to http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/yourleg.html to find your Senator and Assembly Members.  In the blank box, enter your zip code and press the “search” button.  This will tell you who your legislators are by your zip code. 

To find your Legislator's mailing address, fax/telephone number, and/or email address go to: http://www.senate.ca.gov (for you Senator's information) and http://www.assembly.ca.gov (for your Assembly Member's information).

Call your Legislator's office and ask to speak to the "scheduler" to make an appointment. Tell the scheduler that you will be participating in the Watershed Day at the Capitol on March 21st, and you would like to schedule a meeting with your Legislator. The scheduler may ask you to fax or email a meeting request.

If your Legislator is not available, the scheduler will make an appointment with their chief of staff or a legislative staffer (very common).

If you are having difficulty in obtaining an appointment or getting a response, please notify a CWN Board member who will assist you.

Preparing for the Meeting

Put together a small packet with information about your organization and the issues that are there to talk about. Include letters you have sent to your legislator, news articles from your local media, and information on watershed and restoration issues.

Identify the two or three key points you hope to convey to your legislator and imagine questions your legislator may have about your concerns. Being able to explain how your organization, and yourself personally, is affected by your legislators’ decisions concerning watershed and fisheries management makes your input to them more tangible.

During the Meeting

Introduce yourself and explain how you are involved in watershed projects in Calif ornia.  If you are part of a coalition of groups, share information about your coalition in the beginning, so the person you are meeting with knows who you are identified with.

Share your information with legislators.  Ask what they think about the issues you are interested in.  Ask  if the legislator would be interested in going with you to tour your watershed and visit community restoration projects.

After the Meeting

Let the staff know that you appreciated their help.  Send a follow-up card or letter to your legislator thanking them for the opportunity to meet with them.

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