March 2019 Watershed Highlight of the Month

California Conservation Corps' Watershed Stewards Program

Watershed Stewards Program (WSP) is a special program of the California Conservation Corps.

We'd like to highlight the AmeriCorps Members who are serving with WSP this year and placed with the NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center in Santa Cruz. Below are their major achievements:

Watershed Awareness Project

  • Restoration along the banks of the lower San Lorenzo River
  • Community outreach event planned in collaboration with the Valley Women’s Club, the City or Santa Cruz, and the SLV Native Habitat Restoration Program
  • Systematic removal of invasive plant species, planting native species
  • 73 local volunteers attended the event and assisted in planting, mulching, increasing margins for natives

Wonders of Watersheds

  • Education outreach provided for K-8 students by the WSP members
  • Six 1-hour long sessions to two 4th grade classrooms and two 5th grade classrooms
  • 105 total students engaging in watershed activities, projects, and demonstrations
  • Topics include: The Water Cycle, Salmonids, Habitat, Know Your Local Watershed, Conservation


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