October 2006 Watershed Highlight of the Month

San Diego River Park Foundation

For October 2006, we would like to congratulate the San Diego River Park Foundation for their fifth anniversary of restoration and acquisition projects along the San Diego River.  Board of Directors Chair Michael Beck, and Executive Director Rob Hutsel, have built a great coalition of active participants that get out there.

The San Diego River Park Foundation is a community-based grassroots non-profit organization which was founded in 2001.  SDRPF is a foundation in name because they are built upon a foundation of people that have come together toward the goal of creating the San Diego River Park.  Visit their website at:  www.sandiegoriver.org.

The vision of the San Diego River Park is a greenbelt from the mountains to the ocean along the 52-mile-long San Diego River.  This greenbelt is really a trail system and a clean and healthy river system which connects a diversity of parks, open spaces, public places and community facilities spread out along the length of the River.

The SDRPF is working to achieve this goal by partnering with government agencies, business and civic leaders and a wide range of public organizations. By promoting stewardship of the River and promoting a better understanding of the River's natural systems, the San Diego River Park Foundation is endeavoring to enhance the quality of life in San Diego.

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