February 2007 Watershed Highlight of the Month

Garrapata Creek Watershed Council Completes Restoration Plan

The California Watershed Network Board of Directors held their annual retreat in beautiful Big Sur on February 2, 2007. While there, we were thrilled to see some of the fantastic work and partnerships that exists in this breathtaking landscape… one of which is the Garrapata Creek Watershed Council: our watershed highlight for February 2007!

Click here for more about Garrapata Creek and their Restoration Plan.

Garrapata Creek flows year-round, stemming from the Los Padres National Forest in the Santa Lucia Mountains. It flows primarily through privately owned land as it joins with Wildcat Creek and Joshua Creek before emptying into the Pacific Ocean at Garrapata Beach State Park between Carmel and Big Sur. In 2000, a group of concerned residents, owners and land managers formed the Garrapata Creek Watershed Council with the purpose to improve the health of the watershed through community involvement, teamwork, and education.

“The Big Sur community should be proud that there are individuals who care enough to ensure a sustainable environment is available for all to enjoy for generations to come.” John Laird, 27th Assembly District and Chairman of the Assembly Budget Committee.

The Council is made up of all owners, residents, property managers and others interested in the health of the creek and its tributaries. Anyone who owns land, resides, or manages the land in the watershed is welcome to join. The only requirement to joining the Council is the willingness to attend Planning Group meetings regularly and contribute in some way to the process.

“We continue to learn about the condition of our creek through creek walks and inviting educational institutions like California State University Monterey Bay and Monterey Peninsula College to do student projects that help us and the students. We are learning how privately maintained roads in the watershed can be improved in order to reduce impacts on our steelhead and also reduce road repair costs. We are working with the County on how Garrapatos Road (located off Palo Colorado Road) is being maintained.”
-- Garrapata Creek Watershed Council Member

Anyone who would like to be a part of this effort is invited to contact Ken Ekelund via e-mail at ken_ekelund@hotmail.com or to call (831)625-9621.

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