October 2007 Watershed Highlight of the Month

Sacramento River Watershed Program

Above: In Oct. 2007, SRWP partnered with the Sacramento Bee* to release “A Journey through the Sacramento River Watershed” newspaper insert. You can download the PDF of the insert here.!

The Sacramento River Watershed Program (SRWP) was founded in 1996, with the basic principle that we must care for the river and its watershed today so future generations may enjoy its physical and spiritual benefits tomorrow.

SRWP provides a forum for watershed stakeholders and agency representatives to share information, measure cumulative progress, and maintain a shared vision of the Sacramento River Watershed. Serving as a regional organization, SRWP conducts watershed monitoring activities, provides outreach and education, and offers support to partners throughout the entire 27,000 square-mile watershed—from the Oregon border to the Bay-Delta.

Watershed Monitoring. SRWP implements its own monitoring program and encourages the efforts of others to acquire, interpret and disseminate water quality and watershed health data, statistics, and reports in order to help others monitor watershed conditions and comply with government regulations.

Public Outreach and Education. SRWP conducts watershed education and outreach at all levels to promote the importance the Sacramento River Watershed and its resources. Activities range from the development of an educational newspaper, “A Journey through the Sacramento River Watershed” and K-12 watershed art and poetry contests, to watershed education days for legislators. SRWP also has an extensive television media campaign, which includes educational information for the general public.

Watershed Support Services. With over 60 local watershed partnerships located in the Sacramento River Watershed, SRWP provides a forum for information exchange, offers technical and financial support, and networking opportunities to these partnerships and other watershed practitioners. SRWP actively works with these local partnerships to maintain a shared vision of the watershed.

In Oct. 2007, SRWP announced a new partnership with the Sacramento Bee to release “A Journey through the Sacramento River Watershed” newspaper insert. The insert appeared in the Oct. 13, 2007 Sacramento Bee. You can download the PDF of the insert here

The 16-page newspaper is part of the Newspaper in Education Program and although it is aimed at Grades 4-12, there is information for both younger and older! Readers join “Buckeye Beaver” as he guides you through the watershed and explains the importance of this natural treasure including:

  • What is a watershed
  • How the Sacramento River Got It’s Name
  • History of the river and of the native Maidu
  • Information on environmental issues affecting the watershed
  • Salmon life cycle
  • Tips on improving stormwater quality
  • Many website links and resource information
  • And much more!

When teachers enroll to their free subscription of “A Journey through the Sacramento River Watershed” through the Newspaper in Education Program, they also receive classroom lesson plans and poster. Visit www.sacbee.com/nie for more information.

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