October 2011 Watershed Highlight of the Month

Great news from Sacramento!

Volunteer with the Mattole Ecological Education Program

On September 6th, the Governor signed the volunteer legislation - AB 587! The uncountable outdoor volunteer activities around the state will be able to continue for five more years. The previous legislation had a 12-31-11 expiration date, so we really appreciate the great work done by legislators Gordon, Furutani and Hancock. Thanks to all of our fellow restoration non-profits who weighed in with calls and letters! And a big thank you to the California Coalition of Land Trusts (CCLT) and their Executive Director, Darla Guenzler, who led the campaign in Sacramento.

As San Diego River Park Foundation Executive Director Rob Hutsel noted, "This has been a huge battle. Congratulations to all involved. Strange to think we have to fight to not pay volunteers..."

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